Tuesday, 14 November 2012, 22.15

Last weekend, someone asked me to write something in english and put it on my blog. She told me that I must post it before I meet her, on Thursday. Well, I have enough time to write. Easy? Nope. Nothing is easy in the first time. Yes, this is going to be my first english post ever. “A thousand-miles journey begin with the first step”, someone  said, I’m not sure if he is Mao Tse Tung or Andy Lau, obviously a guy from China mainland. Forget it.

Okay, I’ll start. In the name of Goddess.


I don’t know what to write. No, I know what to write, I only need more time to turn  it into words. But how to deal with it? Somehow I remember someone said, “Inspiration comes from the top”, don’t know who. So I put my eyes on the ceiling. You know what, when I was a kid every time I needed answers for my homework, I looked above and somehow I found the the answer?


Aha, I forget to put a musical background. Great songs will give me a lot of inspiration. Some Clapton’s song maybe. No, not that genre. I mean, it’s okay with blues, but not at this time. Radiohead will be nice to listen. Err, their songs are so depressive, just don’t suit my mood right now. How about Suede? Good idea indeed.


I still don’t know what to put on my laptop screen. Then, someone send me a message, “Having your words published is like entering a ring. Put your talent on display and there’s nowhere to hide”. That’s a good motivational words for writing. Mentally helpful obviously. Thank you very much. But what I need most is an idea, a specific topic to write.


Now I’m thinking about how if I write about what I did yesterday. A famous author has said, “Your own experiences are the  clearest idea to write”. But what did I do yesterday? I don’t have something interesting to write about . My life yesterday was generally allright. How about today? I’m not sure. I had endured 9 hour of macroeconomic workshop in the training held by my office. No, I’m not competent yet to write about GDP or government spending multiplier.


Thank you Suede. You give me good words from that hits single, “Everything Will Flow”. Yeah. Just let your mind flows and let your fingers follow your flowing mind. I think, for free writing, nothing is easier than this, isn’t it? Not exactly. It’s getting harder when you have nothing in your mind. A river without a water, is it even a river?


How about “writing about writing?